Services we provide

We design and built ACMV for commercial, industrial and residential project. We provide service and maintenance for all kinds of air-conditioning systems and mechanical ventilation systems. We have been in the industry for many years, with majority of our work done for building owners, construction projects, offices and residential properties. We solve any issue with air-conditioning, ventilation and any customize work for installation. You can call upon us anytime to discuss you next project or on short notice servicing and maintenance. Our manpower is equiped with the knowledge and skills to help you. 

Air-Conditioning Repair

Checking and fixing any part that is causing issue to your air-conditioning performance. 


Heating ventilation and air-conditioning setup and maintenance service.

Installation and Overhaul

We provide pump installation and overhaul services.


We provide Air-Con Mechanical Ventilation Works for building.

Residential and Commercial

We service both residential and large scale commercial building.

Maintenance & Servicing

Providing ongoing maintenance and servicing for your air-conditioning system.

Complete inspection & repair 

  • We take care of everything from start to finish.
  • Our experienced staff will advise quote before commencing work.
  • We offer service warranty and standard assurance.


We have done several projects and can handle any large scale installation and maintenace work.

Standard Service Rates

Air-Con Servicing


  • Generate checking
  • Normal Wash
  • Gas top-up

Chemical Wash


Includes general service +

  • Chemical wash
  • Gas top-up

Air-Con Inspection


Air-Con Inspection

  • 1 x aircon inspection
  • Diagnosis and advise

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Hotline: 93284366
Mon- Fri: 9am to 5pm